one basket e​.​p.

by #boifreindz

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released May 18, 2012

all songs by #boifreindz

#boifreindz is -
dillon geshel - drums
jake carlson - bass
steven holmes - guitar, vocals

recorded by #boifreindz on the orpheum theatre stage in hancock, mi

mastered by eben mannes




all rights reserved


#boifreindz Houghton, Michigan

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Track Name: tonight (3 seasons)
give me a reason why we shouldn't try
i don't believe your eyes

it's been three seasons since i first thought
maybe we've got a shot

i'm telling ya babe despite all the silly little jokes that we make

i wanna put my stakes
in you, and all
the things that you do
for me, hopefully
one day you'll see
what i see, in my dreams
and all the things
that i hesitate to speak to you

i wish that i could determine just how you feel
are you for real?

i poke and i tweet and i wait for you to see
and to do it back to me

the wind picks up it blows your hair can i hold your hand? can i be
your man, your boy
who makes you feel some joy
your knife, for the strife
of the college life
your stress, undress
i'll give you my best
nothing less is deserved by you

so now lets walk in spring and bring
a bottle to drink
we'll talk and think
the next three long years will be hard spent in cars
we'll lay down in yards
and sleep, and dream
the brown hair that you share with your kin
how can i begin to explain
how we need to let in some light for our brains
tonight, tonight, tell me the truth
do what's right

i choke and i spit up the words i want to say
you heard them anyway

i smoke and i drink and i count all the pills that i take
but you
you make, me feel
so real like i don't have to deal
with the shit, that spills
from past to present
your fear, my dear
just give me a year
to show, you
it'll all be fine
Track Name: last fall (100 days)
i don't know what to do
living without you

i slept one hundred days
underground, in a haze

you brought me this far
to a trap, for a scar

white flag, white flag i give up the fight
i was wrong, you were right

sometimes i make myself sick
a list of little things you'd call regrets

guess what i found someone else
and yet she only thinks about herself

so pack your shit get out of my life
how did i ever think you'd make a wife

don't wake me up, don't wake me up
you'll ruin the fantasy
where i've made you cease to be
Track Name: hit single (36 months)
i watched you sleep from the window
i watched your daddy walk out on your mom
i'll never leave so unlikely
i'll never be so unlike me

i can't believe what you said to me
i hope you mean what you said to me
i hope you meant it
i know i meant it

you said that you loved me
and that was all that i needed to hear
you loved me was all that i needed to hear
you loved me was all i needed to hear

well it's been thirty six months now
girl, where do we take it from here?

you loved me!

oh darling, please don't do this
please don't walk out on the only thing i've got

i watched your mom smack around your
brother in arms and in sight and in sound
i can't believe what she said to you
i hope she means what she said to you

they soaked up all of the love that we had
the love that was born in the back of my van
and now it's worthless
and now i'm worthless
Track Name: home (a single breath)
i fear i won't last a single breath
the night he spends inside your bed.
where my spine lost its tact it's bent
east you flew, so south i went -
which blacked, clouded my eyesight
standing still has drained your daylight

i don't know when i am going home
kill my focus, it's whatever though

silence! screams from your room
and down he walks instead of you
she's not yours she's mine x5

i don't know when i am going home
kill my focus, take me back alone

mother fruit and my father tree
that showed me the sea, that made me believe
in myself - don't ever look back,
the things you did your reductionist attacks.
my grandfathers all-seeing gaze,
the railway where he lost his days
next to my grandmothers grave

i don't know when i am going home
kill my focus, it's whatever though

dry and stretch my skin over ribs
brittle and fetched, misplaced within
my hollow, empty vessel chest
i filled with you, and wasted the rest

another such victory and i'm undone by your hands
(and i spill my bloodhounds unleashed on you, on me)

i don't know when i am going home
Track Name: wet dreams (last summer)
so here i am having wet dreams
about last summers late night moonbeams
sliding up your hips and landing on your chest
and now you're moving out of town

with the second best thing after me
your burly man and your white puppy
you act so shy and content
but i don't really think that you are

i'm speaking from experience
you're downright delirious
get a grip on what you're doing
before you find out you've gone too far

i can't forgive myself
that girl is something else
i wanna kill myself
i take it back!

i'm wading out, i'm drowning deep
in a sea of girls not mine to keep
sick of hearing things like "maybe"
"someday" and "eventually"

"we'll see"
what we have left to bring
give me an answer, speak plainly
so i can get down on one knee

for you
for me
for all the people in between
who want a fucking ceremony

i can't forgive myself
that girl is something else
i wanna kill myself
i take it back!

i'm breathing air that's pure and clean
for the first time since i was eighteen
the taste of ash has left my mouth
now do you wanna go out?

to the club
to the bars
maybe we'll stay in and see
home run? how far

will we go
until she shows
all the secrets hiding underneath her blouse
do you wanna stay in my house

i take it back